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Ophiolite genesis and global tectonics: Geochemical and tectonic fingerprinting of ancient oceanic lithosphere
Ophiolites, and discussions on their origin and significance in Earth's history, have been instrumental in the formulation, testing, and establishment of hypotheses and theories in earth sciences.Expand
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The origin and pre-Cenozoic evolution of the Tibetan Plateau
Different hypotheses have been proposed for the origin and pre-Cenozoic evolution of the Tibetan Plateau as a result of several collision events between a series of Gondwana-derived terranes (e.g.,Expand
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Structure and petrology of Tauride ophiolites and mafic dike intrusions (Turkey): Implications for the Neotethyan ocean
Cretaceous Neotethyan ophiolites occur in four east-west–trending subparallel zones within the Tauride tectonic belt in southern Turkey. The ophiolites of the Inner, Intermediate, and Outer zonesExpand
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Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb-O isotopic compositions of the post-collisional ultrapotassic magmatism in SW Tibet: Petrogenesis and implications for India intra-continental subduction beneath southern
article i nfo Ultrapotassic lavas having distinct geochemical compositions (K2O/Na2O N2, K2O N3%, and MgO N3%) are common and widespread on the Tibet Plateau, where they are closely linked toExpand
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Geochemistry of the Jurassic Mirdita Ophiolite (Albania) and the MORB to SSZ evolution of a marginal basin oceanic crust
Abstract The Middle Jurassic Mirdita Ophiolite in northern Albania is part of an ophiolite belt occurring between the Apulian and Pelagonian subcontinents in the Balkan Peninsula. The upper mantleExpand
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Island arc tholeiite to boninitic melt evolution of the Cretaceous Kizildag (Turkey) ophiolite: Model for multi-stage early arc-forearc magmatism in Tethyan subduction factories
article i nfo The Kizildag ophiolite in Turkey is a remnant of the late Cretaceous suprasubduction zone (SSZ) oceanic lithosphere that was developed in Southern Tethys, and is part of a peri-ArabianExpand
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Cenozoic Crustal Evolution and Mantle Dynamics of Post-Collisional Magmatism in Western Anatolia
Post-collisional magmatism in western Anatolia followed a continental collision event in the Early Eocene, and occurred in discrete pulses that appear to have propagated from north to south overExpand
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Geochemical and temporal evolution of Cenozoic magmatism in western Turkey: mantle response to collision, slab break-off, and lithospheric tearing in an orogenic belt
Abstract Post-collisional magmatism in western Anatolia began in the Eocene, and has occurred in discrete pulses throughout the Cenozoic as it propagated from north to south, producingExpand
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Diamonds, native elements and metal alloys from chromitites of the Ray-Iz ophiolite of the Polar Urals
Abstract Diamonds and a wide range of unusual minerals were originally discovered from the chromitite and peridotite of the Luobusa ophiolite along the Yarlong–Zangbu suture zone in southern Tibet.Expand
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Structure and geochemistry of Tethyan ophiolites and their petrogenesis in subduction rollback systems
Abstract Suprasubduction zone (SSZ) ophiolites in orogenic belts represent oceanic crust generation in subduction rollback cycles during the closing stages of basins prior to terminal continentalExpand
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