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Contact dermatitis from didecyldimethylammonium chloride and bis‐(aminopropyl)‐laurylamine in a detergent‐disinfectant used in hospital
Case Report A 24-year-old woman, a hospital employee for 2 years, with no history of atopy, presented with a 2-month history of dermatitis of the dorsum of the hands and wrists, which occurred duringExpand
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[Enoxaparin-induced cutaneous necrosis localized on insulin lipodystrophies].
INTRODUCTION Low-molecular weight heparin-induced cutaneous necrosis is exceptional. Pathogenesis remains unclear. We report an exceptional case with elective localization of the necrotic areas inExpand
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Contact dermatitis from benzoyl peroxide in dental prostheses
Case no. 1 was a 29-year-old nonatopic woman,with anomaly of enamel and suprarenal hyperandrogenism treated by oral dexamethasone (5 mg daya1) for 10 years. She had had an acrylic dental prosthesisExpand
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Multiple azo dye sensitization revealed by the wearing of a black “velvet” body
servatives (Hermal), salicylic acid I%, 5% and IO%, acetyl seasonal salicylic acid and sodium salicylate were negative. Prick tests with seasonal and perennial inhalant allergens, analgesics,Expand
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Food-induced bleeding from lymphonodular hyperplasia of the colon.
Sir .—The causes of lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding in children are numerous and vary with age. 1,2 Lymphonodular hyperplasia of the colon (LNHC) is a frequent finding because of the increasingExpand
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Contact dermatitis caused by benzoyl peroxide in podiatrists
Case no. 1 A 35-year-old podiatrist, with a family but no personal history of atopy, presented with dermatitis of the face, neck, dorsum of the hands and forearms, which occurred during her work. SheExpand
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Toxidermie lichénoïde au léflunomide (Arava).
Introduction. Le leflunomide (Arava®), est un immunomodulateur utilise en traitement de fond dans la polyarthrite rhumatoide. Nous rapportons le premier cas de toxidermie lichenoide imputable a ceExpand
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Immediate wheal after topical administration of chlorproethazine
A 57-year-old man of skin type II, with no relevant history, developed an episodic whealing eruption on sun-exposed areas of the eyelids and the lips. The only photosensitive agent identified wasExpand
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