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Assessment of early cleaving in vitro fertilized human embryos at the 2-cell stage before transfer improves embryo selection.
OBJECTIVE To determine the most viable embryos for transfer. DESIGN Study 1: Preselection of early-cleaving 2-cell embryos for transfer. Study 2: Alternating weeks during which preselection wasExpand
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How to manage pain in addicted patients.
Does administering large opioid doses to treat acute pain exacerbate addiction issues? This article clears up persistent myths about addiction and pain relief, and discusses how to manage acute painExpand
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Options in Topical Therapies in the Management of Patients With Acute Pain
Abstract The traditional cornerstones of analgesic therapy for patients with acute pain have been oral therapies; however, all oral agents exhibit a variety of potentially dose-limiting orExpand
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Spontaneous ovulatory cycle donor insemination programme: prognostic indicators of a successful pregnancy.
The effects of female and male infertility factors as well as the insemination regime on the outcome of donor insemination (DI) during 1001 spontaneous ovulatory cycles were assessed. Overall, theExpand
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"Paws" to provide comfort, relieve pain.
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Treatment strategies for low back pain relief.
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Sticking to the safe side with fentanyl patches.
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Managing chronic pain in acute care.
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  • 1 December 2010
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What is postmastectomy pain syndrome?
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