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Structural and thermodynamical properties of CuII amyloid-β16/28 complexes associated with Alzheimer’s disease
The aggregation of the peptide amyloid-β (Aβ) to form amyloid plaques is a key event in Alzheimer’s disease. It has been shown that CuII can bind to soluble Aβ and influence its aggregationExpand
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Amyloid‐Beta Peptide Forms Monomeric Complexes With CuII and ZnII Prior to Aggregation
The aggregation of the peptide amyloid-b (Ab) into fibrils is considered to be a key event in Alzheimer’s disease. In vivo, the most prevalent forms of Ab consist of 40 (Ab40) or 42 amino acidsExpand
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Characterization of the ZnII Binding to the Peptide Amyloid‐β1–16 linked to Alzheimer's Disease
Aggregation of the human peptide amyloid‐β (Aβ) is a key event in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Zinc ions play an important role in AD and in Aβ aggregation. In vitro, ZnII binds to Aβ and acceleratesExpand
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NMR characterization of covalent adducts obtained by alkylation of heme with the antimalarial drug artemisinin
Abstract The peroxide function of artemisinin has been activated by iron(II)–heme generated in situ from iron(III)–protoporphyrin–IX or iron(III)–protoporphyrin–IX dimethylester and a reducing agent.Expand
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Solution conformation of an abasic DNA undecamer duplex d(CGCACXCACGC) x d(GCGTGTGTGCG): the unpaired thymine stacks inside the helix.
The three-dimensional structural analysis of DNA undecamer 5'd(C1G2C3A4C5X6C7A8C9G10C11)3', 3'd(G22C21G20T19G18T17G16T15G14C13G12)5' duplex in which the X residue is a modified abasic siteExpand
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Aurasperone F – a new member of the naphtho-gamma-pyrone class isolated from a cultured microfungus, Aspergillus niger C-433
A novel dimeric naphtho-γ-pyrone, named aurasperone F (1), was isolated from the fermentation broth of the culture extracts of Aspergillus niger C-433, isolated from grapes, along with the knownExpand
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Dithiolopyrrolone antibiotic formation induced by adding valeric acid to the culture broth of Saccharothrix algeriensis.
Three new antibiotics were isolated from the fermentation broth of Saccharothrix algeriensis NRRL B-24137 and characterized as the dithiolopyrrolone derivatives valerylpyrrothine (1),Expand
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Purification and structure elucidation of three naturally bioactive molecules from the new terrestrial Streptomyces sp. TN17 strain
Thirty litres of fermentation broth was extracted from the newly isolated Streptomyces sp. strain TN17 and various separation and purification steps led to the isolation of three pure bioactiveExpand
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Oxidation of photochromic spirooxazines by coinage metal cations. Part I. Reaction with AgNO3 : formation and characterisation of silver particles
Thermal oxidation of the zwitterionic form of two photochromic spirooxazines: 1,3-dihydro-1,3,3-trimethylspiro(2H-indole-2,3′-[3H]naphth[2,1-b]-[1,4]oxazine) (1) andExpand
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