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Constructive theory of formation and filtering optical images and Fraunhofer diffraction patterns of 3D opaque objects of constant thickness in coherent light
  • Y. Chugui
  • Mathematics, Engineering
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 10 April 1996
Bases of constructive theory of formation in coherent light of the Fraunhofer diffraction (Fourier spectrum) patterns of the opaque 3D objects of constant thickness with flat internal surfaces areExpand
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Laser measuring machine for 3D noncontact inspection of geometric parameters of grid spacers for nuclear reactors VVER-1000
Ensuring a high reliability of fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors makes strict demands on geometric parameters of grid spacers. They determine the preset position of the fuel element beam in theExpand
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Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII
This special collection focuses on measurement science and metrology: microand nanomeasurements; novel measurement methods and diagnostic technologies, including non-destructive inspection, optical and X-ray tomography and interferometry, terahertz technologies for science, industry and biomedicine, intelligent measuring instruments and systems for industry and transport. Expand
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Optical electronic measuring systems and laser technologies for scientific and industrial applications
The novel results of the R and D activity of TDI SIE SB RAS in the field of the optical measuring technologies, as well as laser technologies for solving actual problems are presented. TheExpand
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Optical Measuring and Laser Technologies for Scientific and Industrial Applications
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Optical remote inspection of live contact-wire cross-sections
One of many important railroad maintenance tasks is the inspection of the condition of the contact wire that supplies electricity to a train. Over long periods of operation the wire deteriorates, andExpand
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Diffractive elements for a free electron laser
The limits of applicability of geometrical optical methods of calculating diffractive optical elements for terahertz radiation are determined. Use of the method of hot pressing in vacuum chambers toExpand
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A novel method for measurement of small opaque objects using Fraunhofer diffraction in divergent light
High accuracy dimensional measurement of small objects with nano- or subnanometre resolution is a very urgent problem especially applied to micromechanics and nanotechnology. A new high precisionExpand
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3D optical measuring technologies and systems for scientific and industrial applications
For solving of actual problems in material science, industry TDI STE SB RAS has developed some 3D opto-electromc measuring technologies and systems for dimensional inspection. Applications andExpand
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Automatic optical-electronic system for measurements of elements shifts and deformations in huge mechanical and engineering constructions
As it is known the mining of oil and gas offshore is carried out using the drilling platforms, which are extremely massive and inert. In order to avoid excessive stresses on platform, which is highlyExpand
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