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Low temperature structural anomalies arising from competing exchange interactions in pyrochlore Nd2Ru2O7 probed by XRD and EXAFS.
Quantitative structural parameters of pyrochlore Nd2Ru2O7, with temperature dependence, have been derived upon fitting XRD and EXAFS data. An anomalous expansion of the lattice parameter and the Ru-OExpand
Degradation of plasma-sprayed alumina and zirconia coatings on stainless steel during thermal cycling and hot corrosion
Abstract Thermal fatigue cycling and hot corrosion attack of plasma-sprayed ZrO 2 and Al 2 O 3 coatings were studied. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was also employed to observe two types ofExpand
Thermally robust and porous noncovalent organic framework with high affinity for fluorocarbons and CFCs.
Metal-organic and covalent organic frameworks are porous materials characterized by outstanding thermal stability, high porosities and modular synthesis. Their repeating structures offer a greatExpand
Turning the Halide Switch in the Synthesis of Au-Pd Alloy and Core-Shell Nanoicosahedra with Terraced Shells: Performance in Electrochemical and Plasmon-Enhanced Catalysis.
Au-Pd nanocrystals are an intriguing system to study the integrated functions of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) and heterogeneous catalysis. Gold is both durable and can harness incidentExpand
Probing Eu2+ luminescence from different crystallographic sites in Ca10M(PO4)7:Eu2+ (M = Li, Na and K) with β-Ca3(PO4)2-type structure
Eu2+ local environments in various crystallographic sites enable the different distributions of the emission and excitation energies and then realize the photoluminescence tuning of the Eu2+ dopedExpand
Fabrication of Bimetallic Au–Pd–Au Nanobricks as an Archetype of Robust Nanoplasmonic Sensors
Conventional gas sensors work upon changes in mechanical or conductive properties of sensing materials during a chemical process, which may limit availabilities of size miniaturization and designExpand
Engineering of K 3 YSi 2 O 7 To Tune Photoluminescence with Selected Activators and Site Occupancy
The luminescence of rare earth ions (Eu2+, Ce3+, and Eu3+)-doped inorganic solids is attractive for the screening of phosphors applied in solid-state lighting and displays and significant to probe ...
Charge density studies of 3d metal (Ni/Cu) complexes with a non-innocent ligand.
High-resolution X-ray diffraction experiments and atom-specific X-ray absorption experiments are applied to investigate a series of square planar complexes with the non-innocent ligand ofExpand
Surfactant-directed atomic to mesoscale alignment: metal nanocrystals encased individually in single-crystalline porous nanostructures.
Composite nanomaterials are attractive for a diverse range of applications in catalysis, plasmonics, sensing, imaging, and biology. In such composite nanomaterials, it is desired, yet stillExpand
Bond characterization on a Cr-Cr quintuple bond: a combined experimental and theoretical study.
A combined experimental and theoretical charge density study on a quintuply bonded dichromium complex, Cr(2)(dipp)(2) (dipp = (Ar)NC(H)N(Ar) and Ar = 2,6-i-Pr(2)-C(6)H(3)), is performed. Two dippExpand