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Effect of the food traceability system for building trust: Price premium and buying behavior
It is found that Korean consumers were not only willing to purchase greater quantities of food, but also willing to pay more for food managed with the traceability system, implying that consumers are inclined to buy more rather than pay more. Expand
Impacts of organizational assimilation of e-government systems on business value creation: A structuration theory approach
The model argues that the organizational meta-structures of signification, domination, and legitimization determine aspects of organizational e- government systems assimilation behavior that may affect its value creation potential, and indicates that assimilation of e-government systems has a substantial impact on business value creation. Expand
Web interface consistency in e-learning
Skilled students made more errors than novices when using a physically inconsistent e‐learning system, and the learning satisfaction level of those skilled with computers was lower than that ofNovices using such a system. Expand
Product Heterogeneity: Moderating Effect on Online Consumer Behavior
The findings show that product heterogeneity has a strong influence on online consumer buying behavior. Expand
IT outsourcing success in the public sector
Recent studies on IT (Information Technology) outsourcing reveal the growing trend and widely accepted management practice of IT outsourcing in the public sector. To achieve more from this practiceExpand
Why Consumers Go to Online Grocery: Comparing Vegetables with Grains
Interestingly, the time requirement to access offline grocery markets, one of the convenience variables, had no effect on the adoption of online grocery shopping, however, it did affect the online grocery purchase amount. Expand
The Impact of IT Use on Migration Intentions in Rural Communities
The main goal of this study is to identify potential factors that close the urban–rural digital gap, as well as to determine how one's ‘degree of personal IT use’ enhanced through digital gapExpand
The effect of deterrence policy in software piracy
This research focuses on the comparison of piracy behaviour between Korea and Vietnam, and empirical validation of a model of software piracy based on expected utility theory, deterrence theory andExpand