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Diet, rumen biohydrogenation and nutritional quality of cow and goat milk fat
The potential to modify the milk fatty acid (FA) composition by changing the cow or goat diets is reviewed. Ruminal biohydrogenation (RBH), combined with mammary lipogenic and A-9 desaturationExpand
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A review of nutritional and physiological factors affecting goat milk lipid synthesis and lipolysis.
Although the effect of lactation stage is similar, the responses of milk yield and composition (fat and protein contents) to different types of lipid supplements differ greatly between goats andExpand
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Effect of different types of forages, animal fat or marine oils in cow’s diet on milk fat secretion and composition, especially conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Abstract This review summarises the known effects of forages, animal fats or marine oils on bovine milk fat secretion and composition. Special attention is given to fatty acids that could play aExpand
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Role of trans fatty acids in the nutritional regulation of mammary lipogenesis in ruminants.
Fat is an important constituent contributing to the organoleptic, processing and physical properties of ruminant milk. Understanding the regulation of milk fat synthesis is central to the developmentExpand
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Dietary lipids and forages interactions on cow and goat milk fatty acid composition and sensory properties.
This review summarises the known effects of dietary factors on bovine and caprine milk fatty acid composition, as well as the regulation of cow and goat mammary lipid secretion. Special attention isExpand
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Relationship among trans and conjugated fatty acids and bovine milk fat yield due to dietary concentrate and linseed oil.
Effects on fatty acid profiles and milk fat yield due to dietary concentrate and supplemental 18:3n-3 were evaluated in 4 lactating Holstein cows fed a low- (35:65 concentrate:forage; L) or high-Expand
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Milk fatty acids in dairy cows fed whole crude linseed, extruded linseed, or linseed oil, and their relationship with methane output.
This experiment studied the effect of 3 different physical forms of linseed fatty acids (FA) on cow dairy performance, milk FA secretion and composition, and their relationship with methane output.Expand
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Methane output and diet digestibility in response to feeding dairy cows crude linseed, extruded linseed, or linseed oil.
This experiment studied the effect of 3 forms of presentation of linseed fatty acids (FA) on methane output using the sulfur hexafluoride tracer technique, total tract digestibility, and performanceExpand
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Expression and nutritional regulation of lipogenic genes in the ruminant lactating mammary gland.
The effect of nutrition on milk fat yield and composition has largely been investigated in cows and goats, with some differences for fatty acid (FA) composition responses and marked speciesExpand
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Oilseed lipid supplements and fatty acid composition of cow milk: a meta-analysis.
Numerous experiments have studied the use of oilseed supplements in cow diets to alter milk fatty acid (FA) composition, but no quantitative synthesis of these studies is currently available. ThisExpand
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