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Are there real goldstone bosons associated with broken lepton number
We consider, in the context of simple gauge models, the possibility that lepton number is a spontaneously broken global symmetry, leading to massive Majorana neutrinos. We find that the usualExpand
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Spontaneously broken lepton number and cosmological constraints on the neutrino-mass spectrum
The cosmological constraints on neutrino masses can be altered if lepton number is broken globally giving rise to a very weakly coupled Goldstone boson: the Majoron. Then heavy neutrinos can decayExpand
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Gravity and Electromagnetism as Collective Phenomena of Fermion-Antifermion Pairs
A generally covariant formulation is made for the previously proposed unified model of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio type for gravity and electromagnetism. The gravitational and electro-magnetic fields areExpand
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Unified Model of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Type for All Elementary Particle Forces
The unified model for all elementary-particle forces recently proposed by us is discussed in detail. Starting with a nonlinear fermion Lagrangian of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio type and imposing theExpand
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Lorentz Invariant String Regularized Dimensionally by Means of Hyperfunctions. II
In this sequel the anomalies of the Virasoro algebra and the Poincare algebra of the free string arc calculated in the hypothetical space-time in continuous dimension:;. The light-like gauge isExpand
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Horizontal symmetries, dynamical symmetry breaking and neutrino masses
Abstract We study experimental and theoretical constraints which can prevent the introduction of horizontal gauge ssymmetries. To allow for the possibility of dynamical symmetry breaking, we restrictExpand
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