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Coherence in the B800 ring of purple bacteria LH2.
It is shown that the relatively weak electronic coupling between B800 pigments subtly changes the dynamics of EET and improves the uniformity and robustness of B800 --> B850 EET at room temperature, an example of how a multichromophoric assembly can exploit coherence to optimize the efficiency of photosynthesis. Expand
A new method for extracting the trap energy in insulators
A simple procedure is reported for extracting the energy of trap levels from the I‐V characteristics of insulators at room temperature. It is shown that by plotting ln(JE) vs 1/E it is possible toExpand
Simplified closed‐form trap‐assisted tunneling model applied to nitrided oxide dielectric capacitors
Conduction has been studied in ultrathin nitrided oxide, re‐oxidized nitrided oxide, and nitrogen‐annealed nitrided oxide film capacitors in which the nitridation step was performed by aExpand
Mechanism analysis of gate-induced drain leakage in off-state n-MOSFET
Abstract An analytical expression for both band-to-band and band-trap-band indirect tunnelings is used to study the gate-induced drain leakage (GIDL) current of MOSFETs measured before and afterExpand
Interface properties of NO-annealed N/sub 2/O-grown oxynitride
The oxide/Si interface properties of gate dielectric prepared by annealing N/sub 2/O-grown oxide in an NO ambient are intensively investigated and compared to those of O/sub 2/-grown oxide with theExpand
A 580 kHz switching regulator using on-off control
The analysis and design of a 580 kHz switching regulator incorporating a series-resonant converter is described. On-off control is used in the feedback loop of the regulator to achieve regulation ofExpand
Improved interface properties of p-type 6H–SiC/SiO2 system by NH3 pretreatment
Effects of preoxidation NH3 treatment on p-type 6H–SiC/SiO2 interface properties were investigated as compared to conventional thermally oxidized devices. It was found that NH3 treatment beforeExpand
Generation of interface states at the silicon/oxide interface due to hot‐electron injection
By considering the decomposition of water‐related bonds at the silicon/oxide interfaces, theoretical expressions for the hot‐electron induced interface state generation and threshold‐voltage shiftExpand
Photoluminescence properties of self-assembled InN dots embedded in GaN grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy
Photoluminescence (PL) properties of InN dots embedded in GaN were investigated. We observed a systematic blueshift in the emission energy as the average dot height was reduced. The widelyExpand
The narrow-channel effect in MOSFET's with semi-recessed oxide structures
An analytical expression for the threshold voltage of a narrow-channel MOSFET with a semirecessed field isolation structure is obtained by solving the Laplace equation in the field oxide using aExpand