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Sources of methane inferred from pore-water δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon in Pockmark G11, offshore Mid-Norway
Abstract Pockmark G11 is the most spectacular one among the pockmarks located at the southern border of Voring Plateau and 1–2 km away from the northern flank of the Storegga Slide, mid-NorwegianExpand
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New insight into stratification of anaerobic methanotrophs in cold seep sediments.
Methane seepages typically harbor communities of anaerobic methane oxidizers (ANME); however, knowledge about fine-scale vertical variation of ANME in response to geochemical gradients is limited. WeExpand
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16S rRNA-Based PCR-DGGE Analysis of Actinomycete Communities in Fields with Continuous Cotton Cropping in Xinjiang, China
The purpose of this study was to examine the variations in the microbial community structure of soil actinomycetes in fields with continuous cropping of cotton in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China.Expand
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Non-native freshwater fish species in China
Non-native fishes are regarded as a serious threat to freshwater biodiversity. However, little information exists about non-native freshwater fish in China. This study compiled an inventory ofExpand
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Longitudinal patterns of macroinvertebrate communities in relation to environmental factors in a Tibetan-Plateau river system
As the water source of Asian several largest rivers, the numerous Tibetan-Plateau systems support a unique but still unexplored biodiversity. This paper investigates one such river to examine theExpand
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Methane-derived authigenic carbonates from the northern Gulf of Mexico — MD02 Cruise
Abstract Authigenic carbonates were sampled in piston cores collected from both the Tunica Mound and the Mississippi Canyon area on the continental slope of the northern Gulf of Mexico during aExpand
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Age and growth of Schizopygopsis younghusbandi younghusbandi in the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet, China
Schizopygopsis younghusbandi younghusbandi is an endemic species whose distribution is restricted to the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, being one of the most important commercial fishesExpand
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Phylogeographic studies of schizothoracine fishes on the central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau reveal the highest known glacial microrefugia
Pleistocene climatic oscillations have greatly influenced the evolutionary history and distribution pattern of most extant species. However, their effects on species on the Qinghai-Tibet PlateauExpand
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Differences in reproductive strategies between obscure puffer Takifugu obscurus and ocellated puffer Takifugu ocellatus during their spawning migration
Summary Reproductive strategies were compared between obscure puffer Takifugu obscurus and ocellated puffer Takifugu ocellatus captured in waters near Yangzhong Island in the lower reaches of theExpand
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Otolith microstructure of Oxygymnocypris stewartii (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Schizothoracinae) in the Lhasa River in Tibet, China
Otolith microstructure of Oxygymnocypris stewartii collected from the Lhasa River was examined and described with regards to the early life history events. The monthly changes in the number ofExpand
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