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Ensemble prediction of coastal flood risk arising from overtopping by linking meteorological, ocean, coastal and surf zone models
This paper presents an integrated ‘Clouds-to-Coast’ ensemble modelling framework of coastal flood risk due to wave overtopping. The modelling framework consists of four key components: meteorologicalExpand
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Geometrical factors and interfacial processes affecting complex dielectric permittivity of partially saturated porous media
Methods for remote and ground-based sensing of soil water content often rely on determination of bulk dielectric permittivity which may be affected by factors other than water content, such asExpand
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A 3-D Wave-Current Driven Coastal Sediment Transport Model
Most of the existing sediment transport models are not synchronously driven by both the wave field and the flow field. This paper describes a 3D sediment transport model with waves and currentsExpand
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Modelling the effect of wave overtopping on nearshore hydrodynamics and morphodynamics around shore-parallel breakwaters
Wave overtopping nearshore coastal structures, such as shore-parallel breakwaters, can significantly alter the current circulation and sediment transport patterns around the structures, which in turnExpand
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Experimental Study on a Buoyant Jet in Wavy Crossflow
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Modelling of waves in the Irish Sea: effects of oceanic wave and wind forcing
This study uses a series of scenarios of wave (boundary) and wind (local) forcing to examine the sensitivity and to quantify the effects associated with nesting ProWAM and POLCOMS models forExpand
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Fast Ensemble Forecast of Storm Surge along the Coast of China
ABSTRACT Ding, X. L.; Chen, Y. P.; Pan, Y., and Reeve, D., 2016. Fast Ensemble Forecast of Storm Surge along the Coast of China. In: Vila-Concejo, A.; Bruce, E.; Kennedy, D.M., and McCarroll, R.J.Expand
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Interaction between storm surge and typhoon waves in the radial sandy ridge area during Typhoon Damery
Abstract The radial sandy ridge area along the Jiangsu coast has a complex topography with many tidal creeks and emerged ridges, which may induce a significant interaction between surge and wavesExpand
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Numerical studying on the sedimentary processes at a mudflat near Yangtze River
ABSTRACT Xu, C.Y.; Chen, Y.P., and Yu, L.L., 2018. Numerical Studying on The Sedimentary Processes at A Mudflat Near Yangtze River. In: Shim, J.-S.; Chun, I., and Lim, H.S. (eds.), Proceedings fromExpand
Ecological impact of land reclamation on Jiangsu coast (China): A novel ecotope assessment for Tongzhou Bay
China's continuous and rapid economic growth has led to the reclamation of large sections of the intertidal mud coast in combination with port construction, such as that of the proposed Tongzhou BayExpand
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