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Applying SMES to smooth short-term power fluctuations in wind farms
Variability in power output is a characteristic of wind energy, resulting in an adverse impact over the power system. In order to reduce the wind power impact over the power quality, a SMES isExpand
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Modeling and Investigation of Thermal Characteristics of a Water-Cooled Permanent-Magnet Linear Motor
For permanent-magnet linear motors (PMLMs), high-temperature rise can deteriorate their electromagnetic performance and limit their thrust output. A water-cooling system can be employed to reduce theExpand
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Rebuilding motor function of the spinal cord based on functional electrical stimulation
Rebuilding the damaged motor function caused by spinal cord injury is one of the most serious challenges in clinical neuroscience. The function of the neural pathway under the damaged sites can beExpand
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A BJT-type multi-segmented LED driver suitable for wide input voltage range
In the AC input applications, multi-segmented LED drivers are those employing the piecewise linear topologies to lighten the DC LEDs. Without any energy-storing inductors and electrolytic capacitors,Expand
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Electromagnetic and thermal coupling analysis of a water-cooled double-sided permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
With the popularization of permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) in recent year, the problem of temperature rise has attracted more and more attention since excessive heat generated inExpand
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Improved droop control of isolated microgrid with virtual impedance
Droop control is one of the widely used control methods in power systems to deal with the power allocation among all rotary generators. In a microgrid, due to the resistive lines, the characteristicExpand
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A loss-adaptive self-oscillating buck converter for LED driving
A novel family of loss-adaptive self-oscillating converters is developed for high-efficiency and low-cost LED driving. They consist of BJT-type self-oscillating units, loss-adaptive BJT drivingExpand
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An Input-Adaptive Self-Oscillating Boost Converter for Fault-Tolerant LED Driving With Wide-Range Ultralow Voltage Input
An input-adaptive self-oscillating boost converter is proposed for wide-range ultralow voltage input LED driving with tight input regulation, low cost, high efficiency, and high reliability. ItExpand
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Nanoscale mechanical behavior of vanadium doped ZnO piezoelectric nanofiber by nanoindentation technique
The nanoscale mechanical behavior of Zn0.975V0.025O (V-ZnO) piezoelectric nanofibers by electrospinning was investigated using a nanoindenter in detail. After being calcined at 700 °C, V-ZnOExpand
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Analysis of a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor with segmented armature for transportation system
Due to the advantages of gearless, high thrust density and high efficiency, PM linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) has attracted more and more attentions recently, which is pretty suitable for the longExpand
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