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Subject-domain approach to the study of air pollution effects on schoolchildren's illness absence.
The authors use an empirical data set from a school absence monitoring study conducted during the 1994-1995 school year in Taiwan to demonstrate the subject-domain approach's application to environmental epidemiologic studies and find that the models built on subject domain may be a general solution to the problem of the ecologic fallacy. Expand
Novel red phosphors KBaEu(XO4)3 (X = Mo, W) show high color purity and high thermostability from a disordered chained structure.
The analysis of the decay curves of the 5D0 → 7F2 emission at variable temperatures indicates the weak cross relaxation and non-radiative energy transfer between Eu3+ ions. Expand
Efficient diode-pumped acousto-optic Q-switched Er:Yb:GdAl(3)(BO(3))(4) pulse laser at 1522  nm.
The results indicate that the crystal is a promising gain medium for an actively Q-switched 1.5 μm laser. Expand
Asymptotic limit cycle of fractional van der Pol oscillator by homotopy analysis method and memory-free principle
Abstract This paper presents an analytical approach to analyze the asymptotic behaviors of the steady state responses of a fractional van der Pol oscillator. First, an equivalent equation is deducedExpand
Fatigue behaviour of titanium/PET joints formed by ultrasound-aided laser welding
Abstract The fatigue properties of metal/plastic hybrid joints are an important engineering consideration. There are only few studies on this subject are available, but none was found on studying theExpand
Steady state response analysis for fractional dynamic systems based on memory-free principle and harmonic balancing
Abstract A semi-analytic approach is proposed to analyze steady state responses of dynamic systems containing fractional derivatives. A major purpose is to efficiently combine the harmonic balancingExpand
Application of low temperature co-fire ceramics on in-plane micro-generator
Abstract This study presents a new method of fabrication of in-plane rotary electromagnetic micro-generator. Low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) technology is applied to fabricate micro-coil forExpand
Identification of band structures and proposed one- and two- phonon $\gamma$ -vibrational bands in $^{105}$Mo
High-spin band structures in neutron-rich {sup 105}Mo have been investigated by measuring prompt {gamma} rays emitted by the spontaneous fission fragments of {sup 252}Cf with the Gammasphere detectorExpand
High-order harmonic generation from diatomic molecules with large internuclear distance : The effect of two-center interference
In the present paper, we investigate the high-order harmonic generation (HHG) from diatomic molecules with large internuclear distance using a strong field approximation (SFA) model. We find that theExpand