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IT capability and organizational performance: the roles of business process agility and environmental factors
The business value of information technology (IT) has been one of the top concerns of both practitioners and scholars for decades. Expand
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Simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal using an oxic/anoxic-biocathode microbial fuel cells coupled system.
A coupled microbial fuel cell (MFC) system comprising of an oxic-biocathode MFC (O-MFC) and an anoxic-biocathode MFC (A-MFC) was implemented for simultaneous removal of carbon and nitrogen from aExpand
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IT capabilities and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and competitive intensity
We study the roles of corporate entrepreneurship (CE) and competitive intensity at the firm level in the effect of IT capabilities on product innovation performance, thereby contributing to research on IT business value. Expand
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Abstract Albite dissolution experiments performed in solutions at pH below neutral at 5°, 50° and 90°C combined with results from the literature for albite dissolution at other temperatures show thatExpand
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Tolerance response to in situ ammonia stress in a pilot-scale anaerobic digestion reactor for alleviating ammonia inhibition.
The anaerobic digestion (AD) of protein-rich substrates is generally inhibited by ammonia. In this study, ammonia-tolerant acclimation was exposed to a stepwise in situ ammonia stress during theExpand
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Protein repellant silicone surfaces by covalent immobilization of poly(ethylene oxide).
Polydimethylsiloxane elastomers were surface modified with passivating polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymers of different molecular weights, both monofunctional and bifunctional. Following theExpand
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Stereotypic Immune System Development in Newborn Children
Summary Epidemiological data suggest that early life exposures are key determinants of immune-mediated disease later in life. Young children are also particularly susceptible to infections,Expand
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Comparisons of NMR spectral quality and success in crystallization demonstrate that NMR and X-ray crystallography are complementary methods for small protein structure determination.
X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy provide the only sources of experimental data from which protein structures can be analyzed at high or even atomic resolution. The degree to which theseExpand
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Immobilization of heparin on a silicone surface through a heterobifunctional PEG spacer.
A novel method of immobilizing heparin on a silicone surface through a heterobifunctional PEG spacer was used yield well defined surfaces with highly active surface immobilized heparin and lowExpand
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Protein-doped monolithic silica columns for capillary liquid chromatography prepared by the sol-gel method: applications to frontal affinity chromatography.
The development of bioaffinity chromatography columns that are based on the entrapment of biomolecules within the pores of sol-gel-derived monolithic silica is reported. Monolithic nanoflow columnsExpand
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