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Information Provided on Humic Substances by E4/E6 Ratios1
The ratio of optical densities or absorbances of dilute, aqueous humic and fulvic acid solutions at 465 and 665 nm (E4/E6) is widely used by soil scientists for the characterization of theseExpand
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Chemical and biological characterization of organic matter during composting of municipal solid waste
Composting of municipal solid waste (MSW) was studied in an attempt to elaborate transformations of organic matter (OM) during the process and define parameters for the degree of maturity of theExpand
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Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) as a parameter of compost maturity
Abstract Despite numerous investigations of the maturation process of composts, a simple and straightforward parameter which can predict plant response upon compost application has yet to be defined.Expand
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Recycling of cattle manure : the composting process and characterization of maturity
The utilization of cattle (Bos sp.) manure as a peat substitute in greenhouses has been proposed. This alternative requires certain preparatory procedures, including composting. The objective of thisExpand
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Physico-chemical properties of commercial composts varying in their source materials and country of origin
Composting is a partially controlled bio-oxidative process through which highly heterogeneous organic matter (OM) in its solid-state transforms into a humified material. The variability of the OMExpand
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Iron Nutrition of Plants in Calcareous Soils
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews iron nutrition of plants in calcareous soils. Many agricultural crops worldwide, especially in semiarid climates, suffer from iron deficiencies. DeficienciesExpand
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Mechanisms of plant growth stimulation by humic substances: The role of organo-iron complexes
Abstract Stimulatory effects of humic substances (HS) on plant growth have been observed and widely documented. Studies have often shown positive effects on seed germination, root initiation andExpand
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Molecular analysis of bacterial community succession during prolonged compost curing.
The compost environment consists of complex organic materials that form a habitat for a rich and diverse microbial community. The aim of this research was to study the dynamics of microbialExpand
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Degradation and transformation of humic substances by saprotrophic fungi: processes and mechanisms
Abstract Humic substances represent the main carbon reservoir in the biosphere, estimated at 1600 × 10 15  g C. Due to their crucial role in reductive and oxidative reactions, sorption, complexationExpand
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