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School choice: an experimental study
We present an experimental study of three school choice mechanisms. Expand
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Middle Paleozoic convergent orogenic belts in western Inner Mongolia (China): framework, kinematics, geochronology and implications for tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Abstract Based mainly on field geological observation and geochronologic data, six tectonic units have been recognized in western Inner Mongolia (China), including, from south to north: North ChinaExpand
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Social Comparisons and Contributions to Online Communities: A Field Experiment on MovieLens
We explore the use of social comparison theory as a natural mechanism to increase contributions to an online movie recommendation community by investigating the effects of social information on user behavior in an online field experiment. Expand
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The Potential of Social Identity for Equilibrium Selection
When does a common group identity improve efficiency in coordination games? To answer this question, we propose a group-contingent social preference model and derive conditions under which socialExpand
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Competition Between the Internet and Traditional News Media: The Gratification-Opportunities Niche Dimension
Over the last decade, the Internet has become one of the most popular vehicles facilitating a variety of communication and information-sharing tasks worldwide. Its growing popularity as a new mediumExpand
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Behavioral spillovers and cognitive load in multiple games: An experimental study
We present evidence from laboratory experiments of behavioral spillovers and cognitive load that spread across strategic contexts. Expand
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Chinese College Admissions and School Choice Reforms: A Theoretical Analysis
Each year approximately 10 million high school seniors in China compete for 6 million seats through a centralized college admissions system. Within the last decade, many provinces have transitionedExpand
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Sealed bid auctions with ambiguity: Theory and experiments
This study presents a laboratory experiment of the first and second price sealed bid auctions with independent private values where the distribution of bidder valuations may be unknown. Expand
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Why can't a woman bid more like a man?
We find systematic evidence that demographic characteristics, especially gender, race and the number of siblings, education backgrounds, as well as menstrual cycle, significantly affect bidder behavior in the firstand second-price sealed-bid auction in the laboratory. Expand
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Knowledge Market Design: A Field Experiment at Google Answers
In a field experiment at Google Answers, we investigate the performance of price-based online knowledge markets by systematically manipulating prices. Specifically, we study the effects of price,Expand
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