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Optical properties of CdSexTe1−x epitaxial films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry
We have determined the dielectric constants for a series of CdSexTe1−x thin films grown on Si substrates using a rotating-analyzer spectroscopic ellipsometer. Initially, the alloy concentration and
National Laboratory Title Disorder and size effects on Kondo interactions and magnetic correlations in CePt 2 nanoscrystals Permalink
Y.Y. Chen, ∗ P. H. Huang, M.N. Ou, 2 C.R. Wang, Y. D. Yao, T. K. Lee, M.Y. Ho, J. M. Lawrence, and C. H. Booth Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China Department of
DSC and TG-DTA techniques were used to investigate micro-sized silver powder particles and the adsorption of ethyl cellulose on these particles in a solution of ethyl acetate. The apparent specific
Low-Magnetoresistance RuO 2 – Al 2 O 3 Thin-Film Thermometer and its Application
Thermometers consisting of RuO2–Al2O3 composite thin films were prepared by RF sputtering. It was found that different electrode-patterning techniques have dissimilar effects on the magnetoresistance