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Growth in a Time of Debt
In this paper, we exploit a new multi-country historical dataset on public (government) debt to search for a systemic relationship between high public debt level growth and inflation our main resultExpand
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BSIM—SPICE Models Enable FinFET and UTB IC Designs
Two turn-key surface potential-based compact models are developed to simulate multigate transistors for integrated circuit (IC) designs. Expand
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BSIM-IMG: A Compact Model for Ultrathin-Body SOI MOSFETs With Back-Gate Control
In this paper, we present an accurate and computationally efficient model for circuit simulation of ultrathin-body silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs with strong back-gate control. This work advancesExpand
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FinFET modeling for IC simulation and design
ABOUT THE AUTHORS Yogesh Singh Chauhan Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India Darsen Lu Research Scientist, IBM Research.Expand
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BSIM-CMG: Standard FinFET compact model for advanced circuit design
A new core model is introduced into the industry standard compact model, BSIM-CMG, enabling modeling of FinFETs with complex fin cross-sections. Expand
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Designing energy efficient and hysteresis free negative capacitance FinFET with negative DIBL and 3.5X ION using compact modeling approach
We have developed a physics based model for negative capacitance (NC) FinFETs by coupling the Landau-Khalatnikov model of ferroelctric materials with the standard BSIM-CMG model of FinFet. Expand
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FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design: Using the BSIM-CMG Standard
This book is the first to explain FinFET modeling for IC simulation and the industry standard - BSIM-CMG - describing the rush in demand for advancing the technology from planar to 3D architecture,Expand
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BSIM — Industry standard compact MOSFET models
BSIM compact models have served industry for more than decade starting with BSIM3 and later BSIM4 and BSIMSOI. Expand
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BSIM6: Analog and RF Compact Model for Bulk MOSFET
BSIM6 is the latest industry-standard bulk MOSFET model from the BSIM group developed specially for accurate analog and RF circuit designs. The popular real-device effects have been brought fromExpand
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Analytical Modeling of Surface-Potential and Intrinsic Charges in AlGaN/GaN HEMT Devices
A surface potential (SP)-based analytical model for intrinsic charges in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor devices is presented. We have developed a precise analytical method to calculateExpand
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