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Bound-states of the (1+1)-dimensional DKP equation with a pseudoscalar linear plus Coulomb-like potential
We solve the DKP equation with a pseudoscalar linear plus Coulomb-like potential in a two-dimensional space–time. The problem is mapped into an effective quadratic plus inversely quadratic potentialExpand
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The zero-mass spinless Salpeter equation with a regularized inverse square potential
Abstract We present a detailed study for the classical and the quantum motion of a relativistic massless particle in an inverse square potential. The classical treatment shows that it is possible toExpand
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Effective Mass and Pseudoscalar Interaction in the Dirac Equation with Woods–Saxon Potential
We consider the one-dimensional Dirac equation with the Woods–Saxon potential in the Framework of position dependent mass and pseudoscalar interaction. By imposing appropriate constraints on the massExpand
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Exact solution of the (1+1)-dimensional Dirac equation with vector and scalar linear potentials in the presence of a minimal length
Abstract We present an exact solution of the ( 1 + 1 ) -dimensional Dirac equation with vector and scalar linear potentials in the context of modified quantum mechanics characterized by the presenceExpand
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The Generalized Uncertainty Principle and the Semi-relativistic Harmonic Oscillator
We study the Massless Semi-Relativistic Harmonic Oscillator within the framework of quantum mechanics with a Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP). The latter derives from the idea of minimalExpand
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Exact Solution of D-Dimensional Klein-Gordon Oscillator with Minimal Length
Specific modifications of the usual canonical commutation relations between position and momentum operators have been proposed in the literature in order to implement the idea of the existence of aExpand
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κ-deformation of an extended Dirac oscillator
Abstract We study a deformation, based on the κ -Poincare-Hopf algebra, of an extended version of the Dirac oscillator, where the latter is coupled to a pseudoscalar Coulomb potential. The energyExpand
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Solution of the Spinless Salpeter Equation with a Time-Dependent Linear Potential
We derive the general solution of the semi-relativistic spinless Salpeter equation in the presence of a time-dependent linear potential via the Lewis–Riesenfeld framework and using two forms of theExpand
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The Dirac oscillator in the presence of a chain of delta-function potentials
We study the spectroscopy of the one-dimensional Dirac oscillator perturbed by a chain of delta-shaped potentials. We consider two cases: scalar and vector couplings. The transfer matrix method isExpand
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Exact analytical treatment of the asymmetrical spinless Salpeter equation with a Coulomb-type potential
An exact analytical treatment is presented, in the momentum space, for the one-dimensional spinless Salpeter equation describing two particles with unequal masses interacting via a Coulomb-typeExpand
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