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Fast Collision Detection Algorithms with Applications to Particle Flow
We present efficient algorithms for collision detection of arbitrarily shaped rigid moving objects in a variety of interactive as well as non‐interactive environments. Expand
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Structure and property of the singularity loci of the 3/6-Stewart-Gough platform for general orientations
A planar singularity-equivalent-mechanism is proposed, by which the complicated singularity analysis of that parallel mechanism is transformed into a simpler position analysis of the planar mechanism. Expand
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Integrated inversion-feedforward and PID-based-sliding-mode-control for piezoelectric actuators
  • Y. Cao, X. B. Chen
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • American Control Conference (ACC)
  • 27 June 2012
This paper presents the development of a novel control scheme for the PEA, by integrating the inversion feedforward control and proportional-integral-derivative (PID)-based sliding mode control (SMC). Expand
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Sensibilité d'un écoulement de rouleau compressé et des variations cycle à cycle associées à des paramètres de remplissage moteur
Ce travail concerne l’etude experimentale de la sensibilite de l’ecoulement du moteur et de ses variations cycle a cycle (VCC) a trois variations des conditions aux limitesliee a l’optimisation duExpand
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Review of Soft-bodied Robots
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Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Function Approach to Stability Analysis and Design for Uncertain Systems with Time-Varying Delay
  • Y. Cao, A. Xue
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Eur. J. Control
  • 2005
This paper is devoted to stability analysis and synthesis of uncertain systems with time-varying delay. Expand
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Married Women’s Lifestyles in Japan: Disparities Based on the Number of Children
In order to explore the complex mechanisms of married women’s decisions in matters of childbirth, we studied empirically the relations between family size and aspects of lifestyle through a questionnaire survey administered in 2006 to married women living in Suita, Japan, a suburb of Osaka. Expand
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Bilateral Markov mesh random field and its application to image restoration
This paper introduces bilateral Markov mesh random field to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional Markov random fields in image modeling. Expand
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Sequential Adaptive Detection for In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
  • Y. Cao, S. Zhu, +4 authors C. Rouleau
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE International Conference on Acoustics…
  • 31 October 2017
We develop new efficient online algorithms for detecting transient sparse signals in TEM video sequences, by adopting the recently developed framework for sequential detection jointly with online convex optimization. Expand
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Origin and distribution of redeposition layer in polished fused silica
Abstract. Subsurface damage, especially photoactive impurities embedded in the redeposition layer, degrades the performance of high-energy optics in UV or high-power laser systems. The features andExpand
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