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Models that include supercoiling of topological domains reproduce several known features of interphase chromosomes
Understanding the structure of interphase chromosomes is essential to elucidate regulatory mechanisms of gene expression. During recent years, high-throughput DNA sequencing expanded the power ofExpand
Dimensionally regularized Polyakov loop correlators in hot QCD
A popular observable in finite-temperature lattice QCD is the so-called singlet quark-antiquark free energy, conventionally defined in Coulomb gauge. In an effort to interpret the existing numericalExpand
Local selection rules that can determine specific pathways of DNA unknotting by type II DNA topoisomerases
We performed numerical simulations of DNA chains to understand how local geometry of juxtaposed segments in knotted DNA molecules can guide type II DNA topoisomerases to perform very efficientExpand
Baryon and lepton number violation rates across the electroweak crossover
We point out that the results of many baryogenesis scenarios operating at or below the TeV scale are rather sensitive to the rate of anomalous fermion number violation across the electroweakExpand
From the chiral magnetic wave to the charge dependence of elliptic flow
The quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy ion collisions contains charged chiral fermions evolving in an external magnetic field. At finite density of electric charge or baryon number (resulting eitherExpand
Bayesian approach to spectral function reconstruction for Euclidean quantum field theories.
We present a novel approach to the inference of spectral functions from Euclidean time correlator data that makes close contact with modern Bayesian concepts. Our method differs significantly fromExpand
Towards flavour-diffusion coefficient and electrical conductivity without ultraviolet contamination
By subtracting from a recent lattice measurement of the thermal vector-current correlator the known 5-loop vacuum contribution, we demonstrate that the remainder is small and shows no visibleExpand
A test on analytic continuation of thermal imaginary-time data
Some time ago, Cuniberti et al. have proposed a novel method for analytically continuing thermal imaginary-time correlators to real time, which requires no model input and should be applicable withExpand
Heavy quarkonium in any channel in resummed hot QCD
We elaborate on the fact that quarkonium in hot QCD should not be thought of as a stationary bound state in a temperature-dependent real potential, but as a short-lived transient, with anExpand
DNA supercoiling inhibits DNA knotting
Despite the fact that in living cells DNA molecules are long and highly crowded, they are rarely knotted. DNA knotting interferes with the normal functioning of the DNA and, therefore, molecularExpand