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The impact of workplace relationships on engagement, well-being, commitment and turnover for nurses in Australia and the USA.
AIMS We examined the impact of workplace relationships (perceived organizational support, supervisor-nurse relationships and teamwork) on the engagement, well-being, organizational commitment andExpand
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Communication, training, well-being, and commitment across nurse generations.
Within a context of global nurse shortages, replacing nurses is difficult; training and retention is a critical concern for healthcare management. Similarities and differences in the impact ofExpand
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Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, well-being and engagement: explaining organisational commitment and turnover intentions in policing
This study examines the effect of emotional intelligence upon the job satisfaction, well-being and engagement of police officers in explaining their organisational commitment and turnover intentions.Expand
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A model of older workers' intentions to continue working
Purpose – This study aims to conceptualise the notion of “older workers' intentions to continue paid working” (OWICW) and to validate a scale for measuring the impact of work‐related factors on olderExpand
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The Moderating Role of Trust in SME Owner/Managers' Decision‐Making about Collaboration
This paper analyzes the impact of trust and trust agents on small to medium‐sized enterprises' (SMEs) ability to derive benefits from it. The findings suggest that trust is a significant factorExpand
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The importance of supervisor-nurse relationships, teamwork, wellbeing, affective commitment and retention of North American nurses.
AIM Using Social Exchange Theory, this study examines links between supervisor-nurse relationships, teamwork, psychological wellbeing and turnover intentions for nurses in the USA. BACKGROUNDExpand
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The commitment and satisfaction of lower-ranked police officers: lessons for management
This study reports findings about what factors affect the job commitment and satisfaction of lower‐ranked police officers. Over the past decade, there have been significant attempts to reformExpand
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The impact of supervisor-subordinate relationships on morale: implications for public and private sector nurses' commitment
This paper used leader–member exchange theory as a lens for comparing the impact of the supervisor–subordinate relationship on public and private nurses' perceptions of morale and affectiveExpand
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The different variables that affect older males' and females' intentions to continue working:
This paper examined the impact of certain work-related variables on older workers' intentions to continue paid work and whether the impact of these work-related variables varies between men andExpand
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Supervisor-nurse relationships, teamwork, role ambiguity and well-being: public versus private sector nurses
This paper uses a leader—member exchange theoretical framework to compare the relationship of the supervisor—subordinate relationship upon nurses’ satisfaction with teamwork and their perceivedExpand
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