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Discovery Of Cosmic Fractals
Contents: The Science of Cosmic Order: The Birth of Cosmological Principles The Gate into Cosmic Order The Paradoxal Universe of Sir Isaac The Dream of Hierarchical World: Protofractals CosmologicalExpand
Absence of self-averaging and of homogeneity in the large-scale galaxy distribution
The properties of the galaxy distribution at large scales are usually studied using statistics which are assumed to be self-averaging inside a given sample. We present a new analysis able toExpand
Absence of anti-correlations and of baryon acoustic oscillations in the galaxy correlation function from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7
Aims. One of the most striking features predicted by standard models of galaxy formation is the presence of anti-correlations in the matter distribution on large enough scales (r > rc). SimpleExpand
Conceptual Problems of the Standard Cosmological Model
The physics of the expansion of the universe is still a poorly studied subject of the standard cosmological model. This because the concept of expanding space can not be tested in the laboratory andExpand
On the fractal structure of galaxy distribution and its implications for cosmology
Two fundamental empirical laws have been established in the analysis of galaxy space distribution. First, recent analyses have revealed that the three dimensional distribution of galaxies andExpand
Foundation of relativistic astrophysics: Curvature of Riemannian Space versus Relativistic Quantum Field in Minkowski Space
The common basis for many high energy astrophysical phenomena is the theory of gravitation, for which in modern theoretical physics there are two main directions: Einstein's geometrical and Feynman'sExpand
Method for analyzing the spatial distribution of galaxies on gigaparsec scales. I. initial principles
The initial principles of a method for analyzing the spatial distribution of visible matter in the universe with structures on size scales of thousands of Mpc are discussed. This method is based onExpand
Energy-Momentum of the Gravitational Field: Crucial Point for Gravitation Physics and Cosmology
A history of the problem of mathematical and physical definition for the energy-momentum of the gravity field is reviewed. As it was noted 90 years ago by Hilbert (1917), Einstein (1918), SchrodingerExpand
The Local Hubble flow: A Manifestation of dark energy
Our local environment at $r<10$ Mpc expands linearly and smoothly, as if ruled by a uniform matter distribution, while observations show the very clumpy local universe. This is a long standing enigmaExpand
On a possibility of scalar gravitational wave detection from the binary pulsar PSR 1913 +16
It is shown that detecting or setting an upper limit on the scalar gravitational radiation is a good experimental test of relativistic gravity theories. The relativistic tensor-field theory ofExpand