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Extreme sensitivity biosensing platform based on hyperbolic metamaterials.
Optical sensor technology offers significant opportunities in the field of medical research and clinical diagnostics, particularly for the detection of small numbers of molecules in highly dilutedExpand
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Heterogeneous Red Blood Cell Adhesion and Deformability in Sickle Cell Disease
We present a microfluidic approach that allows simultaneous interrogation of RBC properties in physiological flow conditions at a single cell level. With this method, we studied healthy hemoglobin AExpand
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Application of Hydrogels in Ocular Tissue Engineering
Vipuil Kishore***, Yunus Alapan, Ranjani Iyer, Ryan Mclay* and Umut A. Gurkan║ Department of Chemical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA Department of BiomedicalExpand
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Soft erythrocyte-based bacterial microswimmers for cargo delivery
Erythrocyte-based microswimmers offer superior efficiency, stability, and deformability for active and guided cargo delivery. Bacteria-propelled biohybrid microswimmers have recently shown to be ableExpand
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Dynamic deformability of sickle red blood cells in microphysiological flow.
In sickle cell disease (SCD), hemoglobin molecules polymerize intracellularly and lead to a cascade of events resulting in decreased deformability and increased adhesion of red blood cells (RBCs).Expand
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Sickle cell disease biochip: a functional red blood cell adhesion assay for monitoring sickle cell disease.
Sickle cell disease (SCD) afflicts millions of people worldwide and is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. Chronic and acute vaso-occlusion are the clinical hallmarks of SCD and canExpand
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Three-Dimensional Printing Based Hybrid Manufacturing of Microfluidic Devices.
Microfluidic platforms offer revolutionary and practical solutions to challenging problems in biology and medicine. Even though traditional micro/nanofabrication technologies expedited the emergenceExpand
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Emerging point-of-care technologies for sickle cell disease screening and monitoring
ABSTRACT Introduction: Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) affects 100,000 Americans and more than 14 million people globally, mostly in economically disadvantaged populations, and requires early diagnosisExpand
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A multiband perfect absorber based on hyperbolic metamaterials
In recent years, considerable research efforts have been focused on near-perfect and perfect light absorption using metamaterials spanning frequency ranges from microwaves to visible frequencies.Expand
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Microalga-Powered Microswimmers toward Active Cargo Delivery.
Nature presents intriguing biological swimmers with innate energy harvesting abilities from their local environments. Use of natural swimmers as cargo delivery agents presents an alternative strategyExpand
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