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MicroRNA Regulation of Molecular Networks Mapped by Global MicroRNA, mRNA, and Protein Expression in Activated T Lymphocytes
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate specific immune mechanisms, but their genome-wide regulation of T lymphocyte activation is largely unknown. We performed a multidimensional functional genomics analysis toExpand
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Genome-Wide Analysis of Immune Activation in Human T and B Cells Reveals Distinct Classes of Alternatively Spliced Genes
Alternative splicing of pre-mRNA is a mechanism that increases the protein diversity of a single gene by differential exon inclusion/exclusion during post-transcriptional processing. WhileExpand
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Deconvoluting Post-Transplant Immunity: Cell Subset-Specific Mapping Reveals Pathways for Activation and Expansion of Memory T, Monocytes and B Cells
A major challenge for the field of transplantation is the lack of understanding of genomic and molecular drivers of early post-transplant immunity. The early immune response creates a complex milieuExpand
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