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DNA splicing by directed ligation (SDL).
  • Y. A. Berlin
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Current issues in molecular biology
  • 1999
Splicing by directed ligation (SDL) is a method of in-phase joining of PCR-generated DNA fragments that is based on a pre-designed combination of class IIS restriction endonuclease recognition andExpand
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Fluctuations of conformational states in biological molecules: Theory for anomalous spectral diffusion dynamics
Abstract An anomalous power law behavior of spectral diffusion broadening of persistent holes is found in large biological molecules dissolved in a glassy host at very low temperature. We argue thatExpand
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Mobility of localized and quasifree excess electrons in liquid hydrocarbons
The dependences of excess electron mobility on temperature and conduction state energy in saturated liquid hydrocarbons are measured in order to evaluate the mobilities in the localized and in theExpand
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rRNA topography in ribosome. IV. The accessibility of the 5'-end region of 16S rRNA
The accessibility of the 5'-end region of 16S rRNA (A8GAGUUUG15) inEscherichia coli ribosomes for complementary binding with the synthetic octanucleotide d(CAAACTCT) has been studied. NonequilibriumExpand
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On inherited fertility in biological systems: a model of correlated fluctuations in the stochastic branching process.
A new evolutionary model with hereditary modes considered as correlated fluctuations of fertility has been proposed. It has been demonstrated that the model allows the global statistical propertiesExpand
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Apparent rate constant of partially diffusion-controlled chemical reactions in disordered solids
Abstract The expression for the apparent rate constant k a of partially diffusion-controlled reactions has been derived in the framework of the percolation approach to the description of theExpand
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Number of atoms interacting with a quasi-free electron in nonpolar liquids
Abstract An earlier theory of thermal electron transport in liquid rare gases and saturated hydrocarbons yielded the radius of density fluctuations, A , as fitting parameters. Here, these data areExpand
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Molecular wires: Charge injection, charge transport and motion mechanisms in DNA
The use of the DNA duplex as a molecular wire is discussed with particular attention to recent experimental findings. Experimental studies of photo-excited hole dynamics in DNA can be understoodExpand