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Automatic segmentation of cerebral cortex in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a challenging problem in understanding brain anatomy and functions. The difficulty is mainly due to variable brain structures, various MRI artifacts and restrictive body scanning methods. This paper describes a hybrid model-based method for obtaining an accurate and(More)
Moment invariants are invariant under shifting, scaling and rotation. They are widely used in pattern recognition because of their discrimination power and robustness. HMM method is a natural and highly reliable way of recognition. In this paper, we have proposed a method of using moment invariants as features and HMM as recognition method in facial(More)
Details are presented of a low cost augmented-reality system for the simulation of ultrasound guided needle insertion procedures (tissue biopsy, abscess drainage, nephrostomy etc.) for interventional radiology education and training. The system comprises physical elements; a mannequin, a mock ultrasound probe and a needle, and software elements; generating(More)
—Inspired from the biological immune system, we propose a local concentration (LC)-based feature extraction approach for anti-spam. The LC approach is considered to be able to effectively extract position-correlated information from messages by transforming each area of a message to a corresponding LC feature. Two implementation strategies of the LC(More)
The transition between different states in manganites can be driven by various external stimuli. Controlling these transitions with light opens the possibility to investigate the microscopic path through which they evolve. We performed femtosecond (fs) transmission electron microscopy on a bi-layered manganite to study its response to ultrafast(More)
P53, a vital anticancer gene, controls the transcription and translation of a series of genes, and implement the cell cycle arrest and cell apoptosis by regulating their complicated signal pathways. Under radiotherapy, cell can trigger internal self-defense mechanisms in fighting against genome stresses induced by acute ion radiation (IR). To simulate the(More)