Y. Z. Yang

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Rat and mouse complementary DNAs of type 10 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase were cloned and sequenced. The mouse cDNA clone's sequence corrected the previously published nucleotide and amino acid sequence of mouse endoplasmic reticulum-associated beta-amyloid-binding protein. A subunit of the rat enzyme consists of 261 amino acid residues with a(More)
The latrine fly (Fannia scalaris) and lesser house fly (Fannia canicularis) are ubiquitous fanniid species of forensic and medical importance. The external morphology of sensilla on the antennae is studied using a stereoscopic microscope and scanning electron microscope, and the internal structure of the antennae is revealed by paraffin sections under the(More)
Portschinskia magnifica (Diptera: Oestridae) is an endangered subcutaneous parasitic fly that is mainly distributed in Eurasia. The external morphology of the main adhesive attachments that include the pretarsus and tarsus is studied using scanning electron microscopy. Two types of tenent setae that are characterised as spoon-like tip and pointed-like tip,(More)
Pretarsi are the most important structures that allow flies to walk on various smooth surfaces and act as contact sensory organs. The pretarsal ultrastructure, including adhesive pads, claws, unguitractors, and bristles, of five calyptrate species are presented and described in detail, including Calliphora calliphoroides (Rohdendorf, 1931), Lucilia sericata(More)
In the present work, the effect of intrahippocampal microinjection of opioid receptor antagonist naloxone on the enhancement of cellular immune responses induced by enkephalin was studied in rat. The results showed that (1) the proliferation activity of splenic lymphocytes stimulated by Con A and natural killer (NK) cell activity were decreased with(More)
The influence of intraventricular injection of GABA on electrical activities of PEN and PIN in nucleus parafascicularis of the thalamus of rats was studied. The results showed that GABA could significantly inhibit the electrical discharges of PEN and increase the electrical discharges of PIN. So it was believed that intraventricularly injected GABA could(More)
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