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Four analogs of cephalotaxine esters (C1Z, C2E, C3E, C4E) were synthesized. The ratio of the Z, E isomers of the side chain alpha, beta-unsaturated ester carboxylic acids is reported. The Z isomer was easy to transform to the E isomer. Compound C1Z showed significant activity of inducing cancer cell HL-60 differentiation. It also showed inhibitory activity(More)
OBJECTIVE Complex vertebral confluence aneurysms remain clinically challenging despite the rapid technological advances in endovascular technology. Therefore, animal confluence aneurysm models are urgently needed for the preclinical development of related medical devices and training clinicians. This study aimed to establish canine confluence aneurysm model(More)
The nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) transcription factors control many physiological processes including inflammation, immunity, and apoptosis. In our search for NF-κB inhibitors from natural resources, we identified yangonin from Piper methysticum as an inhibitor of NF-κB activation. In the present study, we demonstrate that yangonin potently inhibits NF-κB(More)
Accurate mutual inductances between magnetic diagnostics and poloidal field coils are an essential requirement for determining the poloidal flux for plasma equilibrium reconstruction. The mutual inductance calibration of the flux loops and magnetic probes requires time-varying coil currents, which also simultaneously drive eddy currents in electrically(More)
The vacuum vessel of Sino-UNIted Spherical Tokamak was split into two insulated hemispheres, both of which were insulated from the central cylinder. The eddy currents flowing in the vacuum vessel would become asymmetrical due to discontinuity. A 3D finite elements model was applied in order to study the eddy currents. The modeling results indicated that(More)
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