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Eight 2-(9-phenanthrenyl)-, 2-(9-anthryl)- and 2-(1-pyrenyl)-1-alkyl-benzimidazole compounds, three 2-(9-anthryl)-1-alkylphenanthroimidazole compounds and five 4,5-diphenyl-1-alkyl-2-(9-anthryl)imidazole compounds were synthesized by alkylation reactions of the corresponding benzimidazole, phenanthroimidazole or imidazole compounds.(More)
Using the combination of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, first-principles density-functional total energy calculations, and image simulations, we determined the atomic structure of lamellar twin and double-positioning twin boundaries in CdTe. We find that the structure of lamellar twin boundaries has no dangling bonds or wrong bonds; thus,(More)
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