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In this paper, the approach is to study an estimator of distribution free and to design source program which might be useful. This distribution free estimator, super-parametric density estimator, and its related algorithm were suggested (Tsai et al. 2007). Though we will focus on the implementation, the computer programming, of the algorithm and strategies(More)
Evaluating the effectiveness of using electroencephalogram power indices to measure visual fatigue " , Perceptual and Motor Skills, (2012). [SSCI] (accepted) Evaluating insole design with joint motion, plantar pressure and rating of perceived exertion measures " , Work: A Journal of Prevention, Constructing 3D human model from front and side images " , The(More)
Without a model, it is impossible for a geophysicist to study the possibility of forecasting earth quakes. We will define a quantity, the event-degree, in this paper. The quantity plays an important role in the model of quakes forecasting. In order to make a simple model, we make a hypothesis of earth quakes. The hypothesis is: " (i) There are two kinds of(More)
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