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INTRODUCTION The objective of this study is to take into consideration the influence of baseline risk on the treatment effect and evaluate the effectiveness of standardized GINKGO BILOBA extract (GbE) on cognitive symptoms of dementia with the treatment period of approximately 6 months. METHODS We systematically searched the literature to identify all(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility of using light-emitting diode fluorescence microscopy (LED-FM) in peripheral laboratories in China. DESIGN The performance of LED-FM and Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) microscopy was compared on slides directly prepared from the sputum of tuberculosis (TB) suspects and follow-up patients on treatment. The examination time, fading(More)
AIM To explore the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in detecting bone marrow infiltration of malignant lymphoma through a systematic review and meta-analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Studies that evaluated the diagnostic performance of MRI in detecting bone marrow infiltration of malignant lymphoma were acquired from the MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cancerlit,(More)
1H and 13C NMR spectra of 8-C-beta-D-[2-O-(E)-p-coumaroyl] glucopyranosyl-2-(2-hydroxy)propyl-7-methoxy-5-methylchromone were completely assigned by 2D NMR observations. Especially the 1H assignments of the glucosyl and hydroxyl protons were achieved by utilizing HMQC, HMBC, 1H-1H COSY and DEPT techniques together with a heavy water exchange 1H NMR(More)
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