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Current information technology relies on two independent processes: charge-based information processing (microprocessors) and spin-based data storage (magnetic hard drives). The prospect of simultaneously manipulating both charge and spin in a single semiconductor medium is provided by the exciting area of spintronics. Among many others, diluted magnetic(More)
Five cases, four histologically proved, or hamartoma of the tuber cinereum and hypothalamus in children (age range: 2--12 years) are reported. Three cases had pubertas praecox, and in all of these the hamartoma was located in the basal cistern between the chiasm and pons, and had a collar button shape and size typical of hamartoma of the tuber cinereum. In(More)
I-cell disease, or mucolipidosis type II (ML II), resembles Hurler syndrome but without the mucopolysacchariduria. I-cell disease is a slowly progressive disorder with onset at birth and fatal outcome in childhood. The neonate with I-cell disease usually has a low birth weight. Unlike Hurler syndrome, there is no temporary acceleration of skeletal growth(More)
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