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Plants grown at elevated CO2 often acclimate such that their photosynthetic capacities are reduced relative to ambient CO2-grown plants. Reductions in synthesis of photosynthetic enzymes could result either from reduced photosynthetic gene expression or from reduced availability of nitrogen-containing substrates for enzyme synthesis. Increased carbohydrate(More)
higher CO2 concentration. However, some species displayed a significant reduction in potential photosynthesis at elevated CO2 due to an increase in LMA that was independent of any changes in Narea. This morphologically based inhibition of Aarea combined additively with a reduction in biochemical capacity to significantly offset the direct enhancement of(More)
The reduction of photosynthetic capacity in many plants grown at elevated CO2 is thought to result from a feedback effect of leaf carbohydrates on gene expression. Carbohydrate feedback at elevated CO2 could result from limitations on carbohydrate utilization at many different points, for example export of triose phosphates from the chloroplast, sucrose(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of hypermethylated genes in stool samples have been reported as biomarkers for the detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) or adenomas. We aimed to comprehensively review and compare the evidence for feasibility of using these biomarkers for the detection of colorectal neoplasia. METHODS We searched Medline, the Web of Science(More)
Three hundred sixty Hy-Line brown hens at 40 wk of age were randomly allocated to 5 treatments, each of which included 4 replicates of 18 hens. After an expanded process of cottonseed meal (CSM), free gossypol (FG) content in CSM was decreased from 1.24 to 0.40 g/kg. The dietary treatments were corn-soybean meal based diets supplemented with 6% CSM and 6,(More)
In this paper, we propose a new M-channel wavelet bases called the cosine-modulated wavelets. We first generalize the theory of two-channel biorthogonal compactly supported wavelet bases to the M-channel case. A sufficient condition for the M-channel perfect reconstruction filter banks to construct M-channel compactly supported wavelet bases is given. By(More)
The blood-gas and electrolytes of 427 blood samples from patients with COPD and acid-base imbalance were analysed. The results showed that 14 types of acid-base imbalance were present in patients with COPD and the anion gap decreased in 8 types of acid-base imbalance, especially in respiratory acidosis, metabolic alkalosis and coexistence of both. The anion(More)
In this paper, an effective feature extraction scheme is proposed to classify cell-cycle regulated genes into two major phases: G1 and non-G1. In order to overcome the lack of regularity in temporal as well as corresponding spectral pattern of the gene expression data, the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is employed on the temporal data to extract(More)
The food value of the chicken feet is often impaired by discoloration, hyperkeratosis, lesions and ulcerations foot pads. This pathology is known as footpad dermatitis (FPD) and is an animal welfare concern. FPD usually results from an initial injury (scratch or chemical burn) to the skin that becomes infected and chronically inflamed. The inflammatory(More)
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