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Spectral clustering (SC) is a large family of grouping methods that partition data using eigenvectors of an affinity matrix derived from the data. Though SC methods have been successfully applied to a large number of challenging clustering scenarios, it is noteworthy that they will fail when there are significant intersections among different clusters. In(More)
In this paper we consider a labor constrained scheduling problem (LCSP) which is a simplification of a practical problem arising in industry. Jobs are subject to precedence constraints and have specified processing times. Moreover, for each job the labor requirement varies as the job is processed. Given the amount of labor available in each period, the(More)
Purpose – Unstructured knowledge management (UKM) becomes indispensable for the support of knowledge work. However, unstructured knowledge is inconvenient and difficult for sharing, organizing and acquisition. This paper seeks to present the development and implementation of a multi-facet taxonomy system (MTS) for effective management of unstructured(More)
Multihypothesis motion compensation has been widely used in video coding with previous attention focused on techniques employing predictions that are diverse spatially or temporally. In this paper, the multihypothesis concept is extended into the transform domain by using a redundant wavelet transform to produce multiple predictions that are diverse in(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Human complex metabolic traits are in part regulated by genetic determinants. Here we applied exome sequencing to identify novel associations of coding polymorphisms at minor allele frequencies (MAFs) >1% with common metabolic phenotypes. METHODS The study comprised three stages. We performed medium-depth (8×) whole exome sequencing in(More)
Prodynorphin-derived peptides elicit various pathological effects including neurological dysfunction and cell death. These actions are reduced by N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) but not opioid receptor antagonists suggesting NMDAR-mediation. Here, we show that a conserved epitope (KVNSEEEEEDA) of the NR1 subunit of the NMDAR binds dynorphin peptides(More)
Iron is one of the essential micronutrients required by all living organisms. In this study, we isolated a gene encoding putative citrate synthase (CS) from Malus xiaojinensis, designated as MxCS1. The MxCS1 gene encodes a protein of 473 amino acid residues with a predicted molecular mass of 52.5 kDa and a theoretical isoelectric point of 8.67. The(More)