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To understand the types of gene action controlling seven quantitative traits in rice, QTL mapping was performed to dissect the main effect (M-QTLs) and digenic epistatic (E-QTLs) QTLs responsible for the trait performance of 254 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of "Lemont/Teqing", and two testcross (TC) F(1) populations derived from these RILs. The(More)
Recent neuronal activation studies on newborns using functional MRI or near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) have suggested that the increase in O2 consumption accompanying neuronal activation exceeds the increase in O2 delivery in the visual cortex during photic stimulation. In the present study, we evaluated the cerebral blood oxygenation (CBO) changes(More)
KamLAND has measured the flux of nu;(e)'s from distant nuclear reactors. We find fewer nu;(e) events than expected from standard assumptions about nu;(e) propagation at the 99.95% C.L. In a 162 ton.yr exposure the ratio of the observed inverse beta-decay events to the expected number without nu;(e) disappearance is 0.611+/-0.085(stat)+/-0.041(syst) for(More)
In normal pregnancy the vasodilating actions of prostacyclin and the antioxidant activity of vitamin E are important for normal physiologic function. Thromboxane and lipid peroxides oppose these actions by promoting vasoconstriction and peroxidation reactions, respectively. An imbalance between thromboxane and prostacyclin and between lipid peroxides and(More)
The genetic components responsible for qualitative and quantitative resistance of rice plants to three strains (CR4, CXO8, and CR6) of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) were investigated using a set of 315 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from the cross Lemont (japonica) x Teqing (indica) and a complete linkage map with 182 well distributed RFLP markers.(More)
Interpolation is an important processing step in 3D reconstruction. A new method, based on mathematical morphology, is presented here to implement the interpolation by means of a combined operation of weighted dilation and erosion. Compared with previously proposed methods, the new approach successfully resolves the interpolation problem when there is no(More)
Macrophage infiltration of the kidney is a prominent feature associated with the severity of renal injury and progressive renal failure. To determine the influence of macrophages in renal disease models in the absence of endogenous T and B cells, we performed adoptive transfer of macrophages into severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice. In this study,(More)
The complete human BCR gene (152-141 nt) on chromosome 22 and greater than 80% of the human ABL gene (179-512 nt) on chromosome 9 have been sequenced from mapped cosmid and plasmid clones via a shotgun strategy. Because these two chromosomes are translocated with breakpoints within the BCR and ABL genes in Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemias,(More)
The white-rot fungus Trametes sp. AH28-2 can synthesize extracellular laccase by induction in cellobiose-based liquid culture medium. Both yields and composition of laccase isozymes, produced by Trametes sp. AH28-2, would be quite different with induction by different small-molecule aromatic compounds, o-toluidine, guaiacol and 3,5-dihydroxytoluene, which(More)
Persistent visual aura without infarction is rare. Its pathogenic mechanism is unknown, and the response to migraine prophylactic agents varies. A systematic analysis of 29 patients (23 from the literature and six in the present report; 6M/23F, mean age 37.6 years) was carried out in terms of demographics, headache and visual symptom profiles, treatment(More)