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Rats i.p. injected once with 10 mg/kg kainic acid exhibited clear seizure behavior (“wet-dog shakes,” rearing on the hindlimbs, and bilateral clonus). Pretreatment with L-arginine (L-Arg twice a day for 5 days) significantly decreased these manifestations. The medium dose of L-Arg (40 mg/kg) was found to be close to optimum; 10 and 160 mg/kg L-Arg provided(More)
The scala tympani of the guinea pig was perfused with artificial perilymph and experimental solutions using an electrical micropump. In test perfusions, 20 mM L-aspartate produced depression of APN1 by 49% and 25 mM L-aspartate decreased the amplitude of APN1 by 42%. Both 20 mM and 25 mM L-aspartate were without effect on the CM, the latency or width of(More)
  • Y W Sun
  • 1991
Negative direct current (-DC 300 microA) stimulation was applied to the round window of the guinea pig cochlea to exhaust the pre-synaptic intracellular reserves of the transmitter in hair cells, and then the scala tympani was perfused respectively with L-glutamine, glutamine synthetase and glutaminase. Experimental results showed that the negative DC(More)
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