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REPLICA is a special-purpose computer architecture to support active multi-sensory perception of 3-D objects. The system is partitionable, reconfigurable, and highly parallel. In this paper, we present the design of a set of interconnection networks which form the core of the REPLICA architecture. This set of interconnection networks consists of a(More)
The 1-(4-mercaptobutyl)-4-(2-ferrocenylvinyl)pyridinium bromide (1-HS(CH2)(4)-4-[(E)-FcCH=CH]C5H4N)+Br- and its hydrogenated product [1-HS(CH2)(4)-4-(-FcCH2CH2)C5H4N]+Br- were synthesized and assembled on an Au electrode to form self-assembled monolayers which showed a structure-dependent electrochemical-response in phosphate buffer aqueous solutions (pH =(More)
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