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There has been increased interest in the use and manipulation of optical fields to address the challenging problems that have traditionally been approached with microwave electronics. Some examples that benefit from the low transmission loss, agile modulation and large bandwidths accessible with coherent optical systems include signal distribution,(More)
A series of N-diisopropylphosphoryl (DIPP) L-amino acid ester prodrugs of zidovudine (AZT) (3a-3e) and stavudine (d4T) (4a-4e) has been prepared. The activity of these compounds against MCF-7 cells (human pleural effusion breast adenocarcinoma cell line) and K562 cells (human chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) cell line) was evaluated. In difference from that(More)
Since 1984, an experimental and clinical study on the relation between PGE and gastric carcinoma has been performed by determining PGE content in the bioptic gastric mucosa and plasma. It is found the PGE content in the gastric mucosa and plasma is increased in all patients with gastric cancer, especially with signet ring cell carcinoma. It is higher in the(More)
An anti-human colon carcinoma monoclonal antibody 2C10 was radiolabeled with In-111 and studied in 15 patients with gastrointestinal and ovarian carcinoma. The labelling efficiency approached 100% and immunoactivity of the labeled antibody was over 75%. 2-3 mCi (1 mg) In-111-2C10 was given to the patients intravenously and scintigraphy was performed 72(More)
Fungal infection is a major cause of death in patients who undergo organ transplantation. The incidence of Aspergillus or Mucor infection is low compared with Candida species. We report a case in which Aspergillus and Mucor infected both the hepatic and renal arteries, leading the 2 arteries to rupture at the same time. The patient died 4 days after the(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish macrophage iron overload model in vitro by co-culture macrophages with iron, and to explore the effect of iron overload on cell reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the impact of ROS on macrophages. METHOD Iron overload group were treated with different concentrations (0, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 μmol/L respectively) of ferric ammonium(More)
Angelman syndrome (AS) is a neurobehavioral disorder caused by lack of function of the maternal copy of the ubiquitin-protein ligase E3A (UBE3A) gene. In our study, 49 unrelated patients with classic AS phenotypes were confirmed by methylation-specific PCR (MS-PCR) analysis, short tandem repeat linkage analysis, and mutation screening of the UBE3A gene.(More)
Anomalies of the local structural order in quasi-two-dimensional liquid silicon upon cooling are investigated. Results show that the appearance of the left subpeak in pair correlation functions is the signature of the liquid-liquid phase transition (LLPT). The structural origin of the LLPT is the formation of a crystal-like ordered structure with a(More)
Different characteristic damages of the SGC-7901 gastric adenocarcinoma cells were studied by electron microscopy 1, 36, 72, 96 and 120 hours after heating and radiation in vitro. The visible damages, such as the enlarged mitochondria, increase of lysosomes and perichromatin granules could be shown 1 hour after heating (43 degrees C for 30 min) but no(More)