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Manystudies have shown that kidney transplant recipients have a higher incidence of cancers when compared with general population. However, most data on the posttransplant malignancies (PTM) are derived from Western literature and large population-based studies are rare. There is also lack of information about the posttransplant cancer-specific mortality(More)
This study examined whether pre-treating palm kernel expeller (PKE) with exogenous enzyme would degrade its fiber content; thus improving its metabolizable energy (ME), growth performance, villus height and digesta viscosity in broiler chickens fed diets containing PKE. Our results showed that enzyme treatment decreased (p<0.05) hemicellulose and cellulose(More)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of dietary zinc (Zn), environmental temperatures and Zn×temperature interaction on growth, feathering score and mineral composition of broilers. A total of 256 d-old Avian male broiler chicks were randomly allocated to a 4×2 factorial arrangement with four corn-soybean meal basal diets (containing 44 mg Zn/kg)(More)
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