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Acclimated activated sludge was examined for its ability to degrade mono-fluorophenols as the sole carbon source in aerobic batch cultures. The acclimated activated sludge degraded fluorophenol efficiently. It degraded 100 mg/l 3-fluoropheno and 4-fluorophenol in 16 h with, respectively, 99.85% and 99.91% fluoride anion release and it degraded 50 mg/l(More)
This paper analyzed some shortcomings of old web database security and offered a new web database security model. Login module, audit module and program control modules were emphasized in the web database security model. Application of the web database security model was analyzed in the pork traceability information system. A new referral mode was offered(More)
In this notebook paper we describe our participation in the NIST TRECVID 2005 evaluation. We took part in all four tasks of the benchmark including shot boundary determination, low-level feature extraction (camera motion), high-level feature extraction and search (manual). We describe the different runs submitted for each task and analyze their performance.(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with diabetes experience increased cardiovascular complications after cardiac surgery. Hyperglycaemia predicts increased mortality after myocardial infarction and may influence cardiovascular risk in humans. Impaired prosurvival phosphatase and tensin homologue on chromosome 10 (PTEN)-Akt signalling could be an important feature of the(More)
  • Lan Yushi, Jiang Fei, Yu Hui
  • 2012
Recently, the Internet of Things (IOT) has obtained rapid development and has a significant impact on the military field. This paper first proposes a conception of military internet of things (MIOT) and analyzes the architecture of MIOT in detail. Then, three modes of MIOT, i.e., information sensing, information transmission and information serving, are(More)
The identification of small molecule aminoimidazoles as potent and selective human beta-secretase inhibitors is reported. These analogues demonstrate low nannomolar potency for BACE1 in a FRET assay, exhibit comparable activity in a cell-based (ELISA) assay, and show >100x selectivity for the other structurally related aspartyl proteases BACE2, cathepsin D,(More)
High sensitivity magnetoelectric sensors with their electromechanical resonance frequencies < 200 kHz have been recently demonstrated using magnetostrictive/piezoelectric magnetoelectric heterostructures. In this work, we demonstrate a novel magnetoelectric nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) resonator with an electromechanical resonance frequency of 215(More)
PURPOSE Propofol concentrations that produce laboratory-based cardioprotective effects are generally greater than those produced under routine anesthesia during cardiac surgery. It is unknown whether experimental cardioprotective propofol concentrations can routinely be achieved during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) using continuous infusion. METHODS(More)
Peri-implant infections have been reported as one of the major complications that lead to the failure of orthopedic implants. An ideal solution to the peri-implant infection is to locally deliver antimicrobial agents through the implant surface. The rising problem of infections caused by multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria makes traditional antibiotics(More)
The proteolytic enzyme beta-secretase (BACE1) plays a central role in the synthesis of the pathogenic beta-amyloid in Alzheimer's disease. Recently, we reported small molecule acylguanidines as potent BACE1 inhibitors. However, many of these acylguanidines have a high polar surface area (e.g. as measured by the topological polar surface area or TPSA), which(More)