Y. V. Vorobiev

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The aim is to compare the mean values of the in vivo electrical characteristics of bioiogical active points (BAPs) with those of the surrounding human skin. The impedance measurements at BAPs and on the surrounding skin are carried out in vivo on ten young, healthy people. The results of the measurements show that the BAP resistance RP is smaller, and the(More)
The article presents the results of analysis of Raman scattering spectra of non-conjugated and bioconjugated CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots (QDs). Commercial CdSe/ZnS QDs used covered by polymer are characterized by color emission with the maxima at 605-610 nm (2.03-2.05 eV). The bioconjugation process is performed to biomolecules-the antihuman(More)
The optical characieristics (irünsniission and rellection. absorpiion and scatiering coeilicienis) of the Si iianowires ohtaiiied by electrocheiiiical rrratnieiii of Si wakrs were studied experimenrally in spectral range 350 750 nrn. usiiig the differeni arigles ol'incidencr aiid iiiasuring h e aiiyiilar diwihution of the rellected (scattered) lighi.(More)
New numerical trajectory tracing method is proposed to investigate the evolution of non-linear and chaotic system. The method is very simple and easy for computer implementation, and also is very fast in calculations. This method allows us to investigate the topological changes of phase portraits even in chaotic states and to find quickly and precisely the(More)
New application proposed for the classic Julia set algorithm to determine the attraction basins of nonlinear systems of differential equations for self-organizing systems, providing the information of proper choice of initial values of phase variables and their dependence on the control parameters. The method proposed was successfully applied for different(More)
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