Y. V. Reddy

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An intelligent system is developed to help the user in building models which can disclose their operation, learn, verify and check their own operations. The knowledge necessary for this is represented using the knowledge representation language SRL and this allows the user to enter the necessary information at different levels of abstraction. In addition to(More)
High instruction execution rates may be achieved (in a cost-effective manner) through a vorpal of (relatively) inexpensive processors operating in parallel. The harnessing of this raw computing power to discrete event simulation applications is an active area of research. Three major approaches to the problem, of assigning computational tasks to processing(More)
Forward secrecy is an important security property in key agreement protocol. Based on Harn's protocol, in this paper a new authenticated Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol with half forward secrecy is proposed. This protocol is also based on a single cryptographic assumption, and is user authentication and shared key authentication. More importantly, our(More)
Direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) is a popular wireless technology. This system suffers from Multiple Access Interference (MAI) caused by Direct Sequence users and Near–Far effect due to different power levels received. MultiUser Detection schemes are used to detect the users' data in the presence of MAI and Near–Far problem. In this(More)
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