Y. V. Ponomarenko

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MOTIVATION The goal of the work was to develop a WWW-oriented computer system providing a maximal integration of informational and software resources on the regulation of gene expression and navigation through them. Rapid growth of the variety and volume of information accumulated in the databases on regulation of gene expression necessarily requires the(More)
Nucleotide substitutions G→A and G→T at positions 663 and 666, respectively, of intron 6 of the human tryptophan dioxygenase gene (TDO2) are associated with various mental disorders. The gel retardation assay revealed that oligonucleotides corresponding to the three allelic variants of region 651–680 bound with allele-specific sets of rat liver nuclear(More)
GeneExpress system has been designed to integrate description, analysis, and recognition of eukaryotic regulatory sequences. The system includes 5 basic units: (1) GeneNet contains an object-oriented database for accumulation of data on gene networks and signal transduction pathways and a Java-based viewer that allows an exploration and visualization of the(More)
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