Y. V. Pavan Kumar

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—Most of the research on Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) is to provide an economical and sustainable power to the rural electrification. This paper focuses on the design of an HPS for the building which is a part of the urban electrification. In the developing countries, the rate of increase in the demand is more than the rate of increase in the supply, which is(More)
The Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a biological signal that represents the electrical activity of the brain and is the main resource of information for studying neurological disorders. Corruption of EEG signal is caused by occurrence of various artifacts like line interference, electroculogram, electrocardiogram and muscle activity [3]. These artifacts(More)
This paper describes modeling and simulation of a renewable energy based hybrid power system in the aspects of improving power quality, energy management and control, because optimal utilization of primary energy sources will increase the level of supply reliability. In order to meet sustained load demands during varying natural conditions, different(More)
Dynamic behavior of alternative energy based Hybrid Power System (HPS) is commonly analyzed using Matlab/ Simulink. This way of simulation has the limitation in interfacing the model with hardware for real time control, which in turn limits in span of the simulation and consumes more time for simulation. Besides, simulator choice for the designed dynamic(More)
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