Y. V. Gruntenko

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The antimetastatic effects of two drugs, cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) (DDP) and hydrocortisone (liposome-incorporated or free), were studied. The experimental models were regional and distant metastases of hepatoma A and pulmonary adenocarcinoma, which were transplanted into the footpads of A/He mice. Liposomes were prepared from phosphatidylcholine by(More)
Male A/He mice were given sc injections in the feet with [3,5,3'-125I]triiodothyronine, [125I]T3, either in the free state or encapsulated within sonicated phosphatidylcholine liposomes. Radioactivity was recovered from the injection site, the popliteal lymph nodes (LN), blood, liver, lungs, and spleen at various times (5 min to 6 hr) after injection. The(More)
Treatment with synthetic MDP inhibited growth of transplantable, chemically induced tumors in syngeneic mice. The tumor-inhibitory effect was dependent on the schedule of MDP administration. Growth of SC transplants of a nonmetastasizing, MC-induced fibrosarcoma, MC11, was inhibited by local treatment with 200 μg and 1,000 μg MDP given SC 5–7 weeks before(More)
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