Y. V. B. Reddy

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A low profile antenna array is designed in this work to support multiple bands for high data rates. Antenna array consists of main antenna and auxiliary antenna. Main antenna meant for long term evolution (LTE)/wireless wide area network (WWAN) application. Auxiliary antenna is used to increase the bandwidth. Proposed antenna array with low profile supports(More)
The amino acid proline catalyzed the three- and five-component cascade olefination-Diels-Alder-epimerization and olefination-Diels-Alder-epimerization-olefination-hydrogenation reactions of readily available precursors enones 1a-i, arylaldehydes 2a-k, alkyl cyanoacetates 3a-e and Hantzsch ester 9 to furnish highly substituted prochiral(More)
In this paper we describe new multi-catalysis cascade (MCC) reactions for the one-pot synthesis of highly functionalized non-symmetrical malonates. These metal-free reactions are either five-step (olefination/hydrogenation/alkylation/ketenization/esterification) or six-step (olefination/hydrogenation/alkylation/ketenization/esterification/alkylation), and(More)
A general process for the high-yielding synthesis of substituted chiral and achiral α-substituted acrylates was achieved through the sequential one-pot combination of a metal-free reductive coupling reaction followed by an Eschenmoser methylenation. The proline catalyzed reaction of Meldrum's acid, aldehydes and Hantzsch ester followed by methylenation was(More)
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