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BACKGROUND Soluble fibrin complex (SFC), composed of fibrin monomer and fibrinogen derivatives, is known to exist in the circulating blood in patients with thrombosis. Its detection and quantification are useful for obtaining information about the condition and degree of intravascular coagulation in early-stage thrombosis, but there is no rapid method to(More)
Among several characteristics seen in gait of hemiplegic patients after stroke, symmetry is known to be an indicator of the degree of impairment of walking ability. This paper proposes a control method for a wearable type lower limb motion assist robot to realize spontaneous symmetric gait for these individuals. This control method stores the motion of the(More)
BACKGROUND Toritsukuroi is a particular type of behaviour intended to save face or preserve appearances. Clinicians often observe toritsukuroi in people with dementia, but current knowledge about this behaviour is based on clinicians' empirical knowledge rather than on observational studies. This study was designed to clarify which behaviours are related to(More)
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