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The population structure and transmission of Escherichia coli in a small group of individuals isolated for 26 weeks on an Antarctic base were studied by multilocus electrophoresis of eight enzymes and plasmid analysis. Two hundred and sixty-nine strains were isolated. They were grouped into 60 allozyme types (ETs). Half of these ETs were only isolated once;(More)
Eighty patients premedicated with temazepam were allocated randomly to receive an intravenous bolus of midazolam (either 0, 1, 2 or 4 mg) 4 min before a propofol infusion using a system designed to maintain a target blood concentration of 3 micrograms.ml-1. Anaesthesia was successfully induced within 3 min of starting the infusion in 45% of patients(More)
Patients are normally thought to have recovered from general anaesthesia within a few hours after day-case surgery. Previous recovery studies using objective psychometric tests showed a return to baseline values within this period. Nevertheless, patients are advised about what activities they should not undertake in the subsequent 24 h because it is feared(More)
A patient underwent oesophageal dilatation for invasive secondary carcinoma. During the course of the procedure, ventilation of the patient's lungs became impossible due to total tracheal obstruction. A rigid bronchoscopy was performed and the cause was found to be fragments of tumour that had broken off and were behaving like a ball-valve in the trachea(More)
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